May 10, 2021
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6 May 2021

Today we celebrate #NationalNursesDay


12 April 2021

Watch OPEIU Local 40 President Jeff Morawski on ABC's World News Tonight discuss how surging COVID-19 cases are straining Michigan hospitals.

4 December 2020

When OPEIU nurses at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children in Hawai'i requested stronger coronavirus protections, a hospital spokesperson called the nurses' concerns "a non-issue."

Hawaii Nurses Association/OPEIU Local 50 nurses are serving on the frontlines of the #COVID19 pandemic each and every day. The hospital's risky decision to force nurses to reuse single-use masks, ten months into a pandemic, puts both patients and staff in harm's way.


16 July 2020

Virginia becomes first state to mandate COVID-19 precautions in all workplaces

Social distancing and other precautions against COVID-19 will soon be mandatory in workplaces around Virginia under emergency pandemic safety regulations finalized Wednesday.

The new rules, proposed by Gov. Ralph Northam and adopted by the state’s Safety and Health Codes Board over strenuous objections from business groups, make Virginia the first state in the country to pass comprehensive safety rules for employers.
28 May 2020

The Brave of Heart Foundation Grants

Together, the New York Life Foundation and Cigna Foundation created the Brave of Heart Fund at E4E Relief to provide charitable support to families of healthcare workers who lose their lives in the fi ght against COVID-19. Cigna is also providing behavioral and emotional health support to healthcare workers and their families by phone or online. Hopefully, these resources bring peace of mind to the brave people and their families protecting us. 

About the ONC

The OPEIU Nurses Council (ONC) was established by OPEIU members who are nurses, giving them a means to participate in the resolution of issues affecting their nursing practice. The ONC helps foster a climate of professionalism within the nursing community, promoting best practices regarding patient care, safety concerns and compensation issues. The ONC advocates for legislation to improve working conditions and improve patient care, including measures that address nurse-to-patient ratios and violence against health care workers. Its primary goal is to advance the professional image of the nursing profession. 

If you are interested in starting a nurses council please email us at:


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The ONC is a council of the OPEIU, which represents 103,000 members in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, including more than 10,000 nurses and healthcare professionals. Click Here for More Info